About Us

The Destination Unknown Film Festival is a celebration of the human spirit and our natural environment.

We share independent adventure and conservation films at small cinemas.

The Mission

The environment is under massive strain from the ever-increasing pressure of humanity. Our communities and society as a whole are also facing new challenges every day. While we don’t know how all these problems will be solved. However, we believe in using the ideas, passion and skills we have to be part of the solution.

Sharing stories is what we do best. Stories are our way of sharing information and ideas. Through storytelling we transform people and communities by bridging understanding, fostering compassion, empathy, and bringing hope. Destination Unknown seeks to inspire and educate with stories from the natural world. Some of these stories are tales of environmental activism; others depict once in a lifetime adventures in wild places. Either way, we want to remind humanity to appreciate and cherish our amazing planet and incredible people and places.

If you have ever had a memorable adventure in nature with friends or family – anything from a relaxed hike in a scenic spot to a hectic stunt in the mountains – we’re sure you can relate. Sharing cherished times in nature is an opportunity to strengthen our connection with the planet and fellow human beings. Thank you for joining us on the adventure!

How it Began

The Film Festival was created by Morgan who held the first event in Brisbane, Australia in 2018. He wanted to pay tribute to the mountains, oceans and wild spaces that had been his playground, and the incredible communities of adventurers he had met from around the world.

As a filmmaker with experience running film festivals, Morgan knew the power of media and storytelling for driving positive change, inspiring action and instilling hope. Discussing his idea with other skydivers and sportists he found a community of people who shared his thoughts. They had all had intensely rewarding experiences of sport and adventure in exotic locations. They had also enjoyed being a part of incredibly rich and supportive communities of fellow adventurers and sportspeople. Many people also felt that it was time they used their skills and influence to give something back to the people and places they loved.

Morgan teamed up with other former dirtbags Tim and Alex in 2020. They decided to bring the event back from the online void to which many a film festival was retreating during the pandemic. Destination Unknown is now based in Norway with tours in Spain and Australia. We do the best we can in the new COVID world and we are stoked to be bringing people together again to share extraordinary stories.