The Destination Unknown Film Festival is a celebration of the human spirit and our natural environment.

We share independent adventure and conservation films at small cinemas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission is to promote social and environmental responsibility. We do this by sharing stories that will either inspire or inform our audiences.

Does your film use travel, adventure or extreme sport to Inspire or Inform? Then we want to see it. More comprehensive rules and guidelines are on our Film Freeway page, just hit the red button up the top. 

If you are still unsure please shoot us a message. 

All submissions are handled by Film Freeway. Hit the big red button up top to submit.

Submission fees go towards renting venues and screening selected films. We need these fees to be able to screen selected films. Ordinarily we do not offer fee waivers because it is unfair to those who pay the fee. However if you feel that exceptional circumstances apply to your project please email us the details. 

We believe in the right for all people to share art, tell stories and interact freely. That is why we offer free submission to filmmakers from sanctioned countries. Please use the below code on checkout. Please do not use the code if you are not in a sanctioned country.